Socks Collection

Socks Collection

The Socks Collection by Betty Bogaers is a versatile collection of socks. There is a pair of socks for every occasion and every outfit can be styled with a pair of Betty Bogaers socks. The collection consists of different types of socks in different colors that can be worn for different occasions: casual socks, smart socks and sports socks. There are socks with the text 'Sporty Spice', with a pink heart and socks with stars all around. The basic colors in the collection are white, dark blue, beige and gray with accents in neon pink and gold lurex thread. The socks go perfectly with Betty Bogaers handmade jewelry.

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About the Betty Bogaers collections
This sock collection is the first extra accessory that Betty Bogaers has added to her jewelery collection. The socks were developed in the workshop of at the Textile Museum in Tilburg and produced in Portugal. The socks are soft, made of top quality cotton and retain their quality for a long time. This extra accessory fits perfectly in Betty Bogaers' mission to give every outfit a Betty Bogaers character. You give extra character by means of accessories that can stand out on the one hand, but on the other hand are also subtle and timeless enough to be worn for a long time and often. Be stylish, get the BB style. Do you have questions about this collection? We are happy to help you via


  • Organic cotton, Polyamide and lurex details
  • Sold as a pair
  • Available sizes: 35-38 and 39-42
  • Produced in Portugal in collaboration with
  • Washing instructions: wash the socks inside out and do not put them in the dryer
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